A luxury set of glasses can make simple tap water feel special – so imagine what they'll do for your favourite tipple. Our collection spans everything from classic Prosecco saucers and slimline champagne flutes to Waterford® Crystal tumblers and medieval-inspired beer mugs. Just add a delicious drink and the party is sure to follow. 

For everyday use, we've got sleek shapes and dishwasher-friendly options in clear glass and brightly-coloured finishes. If you lean towards the playful, choose a cup with an arresting graphic print or a wiggly stem in a contrasting hue. You can enjoy a dash of dazzle with a glassware set sporting gold rims or metallic detailing. To create a subtly artistic place setting, you'll find delicately engraved motifs and crisscross moulded patterns. 

When it's time to impress an important dinner guest, pull out your best crystal glasses or unique hand-blown creations from an artisan maker. Pick short styles for water to contrast with large, round glasses for wine and give your arrangement depth. Or why not throw a cocktail party? Place a decorative punch bowl in the centre of the table and offer each visitor a matching beaker. Add a ladle of sparkling elixir and you've got all the ingredients you need for a fun-filled evening.

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60/389 results