Pick out a jar (or two) from our luxury honey collection, and revitalise your recipes and snacks with a touch of artisanal sweetness. These brands work in harmony with nature to harvest bees' delicious bounty, blending some of the finest ingredients to create sweet, richly textured honey.

Whether you're using it to glaze vegetables or simply spreading it on your morning toast, honey from this collection will bring unforgettable flavours and smooth mouthfeels, raising your everyday food preparation to gourmet standard. You'll find floral and nutty hints regularly woven into these finely crafted recipes. The most lightweight, runny textures are available here, alongside heavier, more viscous alternatives. Try some flavoured honey with herbal notes to have with cheese, or go for the rich complexity of manuka honey to make a flavoursome salad dressing.

Each honey is presented in an ornamental jar or container – designs vary from simple rustic glassware to more elaborate pieces. And if you're looking for a gift for someone with a sweet tooth, why not select a tasting set? These offer smaller samples of our brands' most appetising creations. Keep an eye out for the Selfridges Project Earth label while you're browsing – this indicates products have been made with eco-friendly processes, supporting local communities or the environment (or both).

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