Preschool Toys

You'll be spoiled for choice with our range of preschool toys for inquisitive minds and active bodies. Whether you're looking to welcome a new arrival or shopping for a special birthday, we've got playthings galore.

Soft fabric books packed with textures and sounds encourage babies to interact, teaching wee ones that reading can be entertaining. Pick a favourite from our selection of hardbacks and be prepared to read it every bedtime for what could be years. Books cherished in childhood often become treasured keepsakes, so why not inscribe a personal message somewhere for their future self?

Learning through play is central to childhood development, and the principle is integrated into many of our early learning toys. Young builders practice their construction skills with blocks and bricks, while the diminutive demolition expert in your life will love to watch them tumble down. Clothes for dolls help form and refine motor skills, as small fingers fiddle with buttons and bows. Push-along prams and trolleys are a fun way for toddlers to find their feet and practice walking. Real-world toddler toys, such as play kitchens, toolkits and dollhouses help children form an understanding of their surroundings. Most importantly, they're all just immensely good fun to play with.

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60/147 results
60/147 results