Leica Binoculars are designed to expand your world. The celebrated German brand has manufactured cameras, lenses and more since 1869. Its models are responsible for some of the most famous images throughout history: from the iconic portrait of Che Guevera to workers painting the Eiffel Tower, high above the Parisian skyline. In our curation, you'll spot innovative and high-quality products from Leica to capture the world around you. 

Choose a pair of compact binoculars from Leica to take with you on any adventure. Their robust construction offers plenty of grip, keeping them firmly in your hands whether you're getting a closer look at wildlife or enjoying sporting events. Enjoy a whole host of next-level details like Ultravid HD technology, which uses light-minimising lenses and automatic contrast control. Many pairs of binoculars also boast Aquadura coating, which protects the complex optical system from water and dirt, to keep yours performing at their optimum for longer.

You'll also find a range of Leica camera accessories to up your photography game. Select a lens that can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit your shooting conditions. Unlock vivid imagery by fitting your camera with an adapter to match with a wide variety of lenses. Special-fit straps are ideal to carry your pride and joy with you, whether you're off on a city break or a safari.

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21/21 results