Little Live Pets

Our exciting collection of Little Live Pets is bursting with loveable furry friends ready for a new home. These cute toy animals move, sound and play like the real thing. Whether your little zookeeper wants to train a mischievous puppy, care for a baby turtle, or have a sing-along with a bird, each has its own special personality that it can’t wait to show.

Kids will love these interactive animals that respond to your voice, react to touch and commands and try to get your attention when they want a cuddle. All Little Live Pets toys have their own personalities and quirks that bring them to life – just like a real pet, but easier to care for. They'll learn to train each colourful critter and keep them happy during hours of fun.

With a Little Live Pets playset, each adorable piece comes with a selection of bright accessories. Every pet comes with what they need for children to feed them, take them for a walk or put them to bed at night. Animals can even enjoy music with you, singing or dancing along. The only risk is that one new friend may not be enough. Before you know it, a whole mini-menagerie may be livening up the home.

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