Find your signature scent from our Thameen perfume selection. The London-based fragrance maker has created a range of intense and contemporary bouquets that combine eastern opulence with western refinement. Among the Thameen collection, you'll find extrait de parfums, hair fragrances and complementary body lotions with aromas that have been formulated in honour of the world's most precious gems.

Thameen founder Basel Binjabr inherited his passion for perfumes from his father, who would take him to choose oils from the best artisan producers. A love of rose oil led Binjabr to create his own line of luxury fragrances. Named for famous items of jewellery, Thameen's creations are the result of meticulous craftsmanship, from the extraction of raw oils to their careful combination. Each key ingredient, like the middle eastern Taif rose and vetiver from Haiti, has been painstakingly sourced to assure its quality. They're then blended to create highly concentrated essences.

Thameen fragrances are sensual and unisex, exuding notes of opulent myrrh, alluring vanilla and sensual ylang-ylang. Bright floral hits of damask rose, jasmine and gardenia add vibrancy and are grounded on a strong base of amber and white musk. Rare and exclusive oud (one of the most sought-after raw ingredients in the world) strikes just the right balance between earthy, floral and sweet notes.

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60/63 results
60/63 results