Anastasia Beverly Hills

The ‘brow revolution’ of Anastasia Soare (better known by her brand name, Anastasia Beverly Hills) is perhaps one of the most significant moments in cosmetic history. This Romanian beauty pioneer recognised that not all brows are made the same. Her label reflects a real understanding of the complexity of each individual face. First set out in a small salon in (you guessed it) Beverly Hills back in 1996, her vision quickly grew to become the global sensation it is today. 

It's little surprise that Soare was a student of architecture, given that symmetry, balance and proportion are at the root of her iconic method. The Golden Ratio follows on from the likes of Pythagoras and da Vinci, using mathematical scale and precision to create three simple steps. Follow them carefully and you'll have flawless eyebrows, which are completely individual to you. Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics offers complete tool kits including pencils, brushes and tweezers to help you achieve this at home. 

Though Anastasia Beverly Hills brows are the label's signature, it also innovates with expert contouring and highlight palettes for a radiant glow. Discover, too, an incredible array of lip colours and glosses, and a selection of top-quality brushes. This is a brand crafting a distinctive cosmetics collection that goes well beyond eyebrows.

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