When Dr. Yannis dreamt up 111SKIN, the cosmetic surgeon set out to understand the ageing process in more depth in order to develop skin care treatments that accelerated the healing time of surgery. Since then, the brand has created a plethora of products designed to target everything from fine lines and wrinkles to de-puffing pores. Delve into the A-lister-approved world of 111SKIN, the brand that blends surgical knowledge with novel solutions for results-driven healing and anti-ageing formulations. With its ultra-sleek, metallic packaging, it'll take pride of place on your beauty shelf, too.

The innovative label originated from a project between Dr. Yannis and space scientists, who developed serums to help stop astronauts' skin from ageing and stimulate repair. Bring skin care to new heights with our premium selection, including the now-famous 111SKIN facial treatment masks. Packed with powerful ingredients, they include the patented NAC Y² formula and a potent antioxidant trio that improves skin resilience while protecting it against environmental factors. Looking for something more specific? These cult products offer a whole host of rejuvenation benefits, from illumination to de-puffing, firming and 'maskne' protection.

Whether you want skin-boosting salvation in pastel-coloured capsule form or travel-size serums for when you're on the go, the Selfridges 111SKIN range has you covered. Inspired by surgery and backed by science, it deserves all the high praise it's been afforded.

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36/36 results