Looking for a lipstick that actually stays put? Our hand-picked curation of long-lasting lipsticks includes a range of glossy and matte finishes and plenty of hues, including pink, nude and red. Aiming to be more Earth-conscious, we've also got lipstick refills to help to cut down on waste.

The art of lipstick application is thought to date back some 5,000 years to when the ancient Sumerians would paint their lips with concoctions made from mixing crushed gemstones with oils and waxes. Following on from this, the ancient Egyptians deemed red lips to be an indicator of social status. And it's still a power move today – there's nothing like applying a flash of crimson for an instant confidence boost.

In our collection of designer brands, you can expect to find rainbow-coloured cylinders with embellished details, bespoke branding and silver- and gold-toned hardware. You'll also discover covetable limited-edition lipsticks and collectable sets.

While you can expect to see traditional formulas, we also have liquid lipsticks and solid compacts. Look for a matching lip pencil to really emphasise your pout and help to give your lipstick staying power. And to keep your lips in tip-top condition? Discover our range of balms and oils.

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60/501 results
60/501 results
HERMES: Rosy Lip Enhancer 6g
BURBERRY: Brit Shine lipstick 3g