Caudalie cosmetics launched its first beauty products in 1995, when it pioneered the concept of "vinotherapy" from its base in the French wine-making region of Bordeaux. Skin care items are infused with grape and grapevine essences to deliver potent and restorative natural ingredients to your face and body. 

The Caudalie brand story can be traced back to the discovery that grapeseed contains an abundance of polyphenols. Founders Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, who ran a family-owned vineyard, decided to share the unique anti-oxidant properties of these chemicals with the world. Caudalie serums and moisturisers draw on the anti-ageing power of resveratrol, a regenerative ingredient that allows grapevines to live for over 100 years. The precious vine sap viniferine helps to eliminate dark spots and blemishes. Some of the label's precision-engineered creams and lotions also feature vitamin C extracts, hyaluronic acid and vegan collagen to hydrate, firm and nourish.

Whether you want to maintain healthy skin, flush out impurities or nurture a radiant complexion, this range achieves impressive results with a planet-friendly philosophy. Adhering to the Caudalie “cosm-ethics” charter, many formulas are free from parabens, mineral oils and materials sourced from animals. Look out for the brand's recycled and recyclable packaging.

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