Dinosaur Designs is a beloved designer homeware label, and its aesthetic has been making an impact in Australia and beyond since 1985. The company first started by selling pieces of fimo jewellery at Sydney’s artisan markets, before expanding the brand to make resin jewellery and other designer resin homeware products.

Every piece is uniquely shaped, hand-crafted out of resin, and polished to perfection, creating a variety of pieces such as resin bowls and plates, bowls, servers, jugs and vases. The brand was founded by Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen – both designers with unique skills forged from their experience in jewellery design and ceramics. In the manufacturing process, the company uses time-honoured techniques including blending organic textures with bold block colours, each crafted from hand-poured resin.

Pieces from this brand are sure to make a statement in any home; they are simple yet eye-catching works of art inspired by natural elements and simply look perfect in any room that needs a little flair. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a piece for your own collection or as a gift for someone special, Dinosaur Designs will make sure every space looks flawlessly complete. Experience the epitome of luxury with Dinosaur Designs homeware.

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