Girls Lunch Boxes and Water Bottles

We all remember the feeling of opening our school bags, ready to uncover the fresh sandwich and sweet snacks that lay inside our lunch boxes. And the experience was only made better by a fun container. That's why we've collated all our girls' lunch boxes in one place so you can find something for your budding Einstein to take to school proudly.

Store their sandwiches in a snap-closure box stamped with their favourite animal at the front. Or opt for a celestial-inspired print for the future astronomer on your hands. And if they're known to return home with a few spillages, the easy-to-clean hypoallergenic girl's lunch bags are ideal for evening wipe-downs – just make sure you have the wet wipes ready. Whatever's on the menu, our girl's lunch boxes are designed to keep your little ones' food safe and their bag clean.

When the lunchtime bell rings, ensure they have something to wash down their meal. Our girl's water bottles are ideal for storing their liquid of choice. And with cartoon-inspired designs in a rainbow of hues to choose from, you'll find something to suit their ever-changing style. Create a matching set with our girl's lunch boxes or give your tot the reigns and let them choose their design – whatever that may be.

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21/21 results