Nasomatto is Italian for "crazy nose". That should tell you, right away, that this isn't going to be your common-or-garden olfactory experience. Brand founder Alessandro Gualtieri crafts each scent as a personal expression, like a painter wrestling with a canvas. And, like the best artists, he says the art itself eventually takes over the creative process; he becomes merely a vessel for these aromas to formulate themselves into life. If this sounds intense, wait until you sample the perfumes. You'll find several of our favourites here, and they are – without exception – fiercely, uniquely magnificent.

Some veer towards the classically male, others lean into tropes of womanhood, but most are unisex. A musky concoction, rich in sandalwood with top notes of lemon, will smell divine on anyone. The same goes for a woody blend, swimming with patchouli and spices. Each comes with a story attached, giving an insight into the mind of its creator.

You'll note that the scents are available as standard parfums and as concentrated oils. The former provides a powerful first impression, leaping vibrantly from the skin. A Nasomatto oil, meanwhile, reveals its wonders more slowly, leaving a long-lasting aroma that changes throughout the day. Choose the one that suits your plans, or go for a Nasomatto discovery set and treat yourself to a trio of perfumes, each distinctly different.

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