Bag Straps

On top of accessories like keyrings and charms, there's another way to make a bag your own – interchangeable designer bag straps. Whenever you fancy a refresh without parting from your favourite piece, just swap out the strap for our logo print, webbed or chain alternatives. It's the simplest way to help your old faithfuls feel fresh while avoiding an all-out overhaul.

Above all, bag shoulder straps are beloved for their practicality. If you own a much-loved clutch bag that you can't wear day-to-day, a clip-on strap is your handy saviour. Try a studded iteration with hardware of mixed metals and you'll find getting dressed feels more exciting than ever – not least because you needn't worry about which jewellery to match to your accessories.

The customisable designs on offer are tailor-made for people with chameleonic tastes. Wear your favourite cross-body bag with its original strap from Monday to Friday, in the knowledge that the weekend will bring a style switch-up. Unclip the leather iteration and replace it with a woven logo print strap, ideal for casual family strolls. If you're heading out, opt for a gleaming chain strap to transform an everyday carry-all into something worthy of after-dark exposure.

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40/40 results