Diptyque Beauty

For aromatic indulgences that will help you zen out, explore our curated collection from diptyque beauty. First, there's the iconic branding with its minimalist sweeps of monochromatic detailing. Inside the packaging, you'll find delectably scented expressions from this French perfumier – it's no surprise that they've captivated the attention of olfactory connoisseurs for more than sixty years.

Within our selection, opt for classic eau de parfums with soft hints of rose and cedar, alongside rich fig options. Notes of warming patchouli will be sure to lift your mood. You'll find more than just sprayable fragrances, too – the enticing aromas continue throughout lineups of creams and cleansers. Perhaps you'll select a thick body butter to instantly hydrate your skin or a hand wash formulated with softening properties. Then there are nourishing hand creams – we love that they use the same packaging that's become a beguiling hallmark of the brand.

A diptyque gift set brimming with miniature luxury fragrances makes a thoughtful gift. Insider tip: look out for the Project Earth banner to indicate products in our selection that are better for people and the planet, such as refillable bottles and solid perfumes. Solid scents are easy to throw in even the smallest bag, so you're forever just a dab away from an uplifting bouquet.

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55/55 results
55/55 results