Escentric Molecules

Discover the power of the particle with our collection of Escentric Molecules perfumes. These scientifically engineered scents offer daring aromas that can whisk you off to the Mediterranean coast, or transport you to an English country garden on a summer's day. Whether you're looking for a new everyday favourite or a travel-ready option, our virtual shelves are bursting with nostril-treating options. 

Perfumer Geza Schoen launched Escentric Molecules in 2006, after he first smelt a lab-grown aroma molecule, Iso E Super, in isolation. Olfactory experts had been blending it into their fragrances since its invention in 1973, but rarely did anyone experience it alone. So powerful was its effect on Schoen that he set about building innovative perfumes that would use the velvety scent as their dominant note. This radical idea became a cult phenomenon, that continues to underpin today's selection. Natural extracts such as fresh pine, sweet mandarin and delicate iris enhance the molecule's smooth quality. Products are contained within angular glass bottles decorated with lines, shapes and lettering that celebrate the science behind the label's story.

Pick a large bottle of Escentric Molecules eau de parfum and spritz it onto your pulse points. The clever formula adapts throughout the day, with a different result for every person. With Escentric Molecules body washes, you can indulge in some luxury lathering, too.

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