Gabriela Hearst's perspective on fashion suits those who are equally drawn to trends and tradition. The Uruguay-born designer has built her collection around quality construction and materials that are built to last, and her label's clothing and accessories can be the basis for bold vintage-inspired outfits.

Hearst's upbringing on her family ranch gave her a strong respect for nature and a focus on eco-friendly production, with a process that often involves recycling materials for waste reduction and longevity. Cashmere and merino wool are two mainstays of Gabriela Hearst clothing, used to craft cosy cardigans and sleek long-sleeve sweaters with lush textures. Silk is another yarn that's indispensable for the brand, whether it's used for finely-tailored jumpsuits, the smooth lining of a luxury trench coat or spun into dazzling satin for a breathtaking evening gown. Gabriela Hearst bags are sculpted from materials such as Italian-made nappa leather and finished with rose-gold hardware for a blend of practicality and elegance.

Gabriela Hearst clothing pays homage to heritage brands in its minimalism, but its retro charm still allows for plenty of self-expression. Elaborate crocheting and embroidery complement the timeless silhouettes in the selection, while dresses and coats are often adorned with the brand's signature knotted bows.

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