Non-Fiction Books

You never know what you might discover when you open the cover of a non-fiction book. Will you find a new hobby, uncover the history of a long-forgotten civilisation, or learn a mouth-watering recipe that will be passed down through generations? Our comprehensive library of the best factual literature, written by an array of world-renowned experts from historians and scientists to chefs and wellbeing coaches, holds infinite knowledge just waiting to be delved into.

Whatever your interests, our extensive catalogue of non-fiction books offers something to engross every reader.

Fashion enthusiasts will find themselves lost in photographic volumes chronicling legendary labels' most iconic looks. Prefer the kitchen to the catwalk? Our collection of international recipe books comprises delectable dishes to impress the most discerning culinary connoisseurs. And if sports are more your speed, relive the greatest moments from the racetrack to the ring, with gripping accounts from those who witnessed it first-hand.

These non-fiction books aren't intended to be read and stowed away out of sight. Our editions are masterfully crafted with clothbound covers, embossed spines, and endless pages of vivid photographs, offering style and substance in equal measure. So, once you've devoured the compelling contents, they're destined to take pride of place on prominent shelves and coffee tables around your home.

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60/135 results
60/135 results