Give your clothes the care they deserve and keep them looking fresh for longer with our range of ironing accessories at Selfridges. With these innovative gadgets and labour-saving devices to help, you'll speed through that pile of clean washing in no time. 

A steamer is really useful for those items that are too delicate to press with an iron, and it enables you to refresh specialist-care clothing between visits to the dry cleaner. Larger models will cut through your laundry in a fraction of the time compared to a regular iron, plus they're a lot easier to use. Simply hang up your clothes, flick a switch and swipe the head of the steamer over any creases. Short on space? Travel versions are small but still powerful, and portable hand-held ones are even more petite.

For keeping your favourite knitwear free of bobbles, a fabric shaver will be just the thing. Gently whizz this palm-sized rechargeable gadget over your jumpers and cardigans to shave off pills and fuzz, restoring that brand-new look. It's so quick and satisfying that you'll soon be searching for lint just so that you can remove it. Keep one in your desk drawer for on-the-spot pill removal.

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32/32 results