Juliette Has A Gun

Have some fun with the bold character of a Juliette Has A Gun fragrance. The brand was launched in 2006 and takes inspiration from the doomed heroine of Shakespeare's most famous tragedy. As its name suggests, it puts a contemporary spin on traditional romance, and its hypnotising scents are designed to make you feel proud and fearless.

The grandson of legendary Parisian designer Nina Ricci, Romano Ricci is Juliette Has A Gun's pioneering founder. His fragrance line takes this impressive heritage and updates it for a modern sensibility, crafting innovative, multi-faceted scents. Juliette Has A Gun women's perfumes include blends of sensual sandalwood and patchouli, the gentle warmth of vanilla and maybe even a sprinkling of top notes of sea salt and citrus. You might also detect subtle hints of sparkling saffron, bright jasmine and sweet amber in these gorgeous concoctions. 

The brand often strips down its fragrance profiles to a potent purity, relying on the captivating charms of oud (a precious natural ingredient extracted from agarwood resin). Or cetalox, which has a clean crispness easily blended with the natural chemicals of your skin. Juliette Has A Gun bottles its perfumes in appropriately decorative packaging, offering lacquered boxes, sculpted glass and polished lids.

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