Children's Audiobooks

Children’s audiobooks are a great way to encourage kids to love stories. By listening to audiobooks together, parents and kids can encounter the characters together and create lasting memories. Explore our collection of kids’ audiobooks for a variety of stories, music players and toys.

With engaging narration, colourful designs and fun sound effects, our collection of audiobooks are designed to keep kids entertained. You’ll find an assortment of their favourite cartoon characters in different audiobooks to follow them on their latest adventures. For kids who learn best with music, discover a range of audiobooks with music players. They can listen to stories in song form while also learning to recognise sound, rhythm and pattern. Looking for younger years? Take your pick of plush audiobooks with their favourite nursery rhymes.

And that’s not all: not only are kids’ audiobooks entertaining, but they also offer a number of educational benefits. They can help kids improve their listening skills, expand their vocabularies and promote concentration – all while sparking their imagination. And best of all, they're portable, so kids can listen to them anywhere. Whether you're taking a road trip or running errands around town, kids’ audiobooks can make any car ride more enjoyable.

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60/68 results