Luc Belaire

Wine lovers, take note: a new sparkling wine tradition has arrived, its trail blazed by the rebellious Luc Belaire. While the brand's French Maison has a heritage dating back to 1898, this winemaker is all about the future: think glow-in-the-dark labels, unorthodox wine colours, celeb ambassadors and a rapt audience of rap and hip-hop fans. Grown in the incomparable terroir of Burgundy and Provence, Luc Belaire wines are nurtured from grape to glass by a team of sixth-generation makers with a passion for innovation.

From tropical whites with notes of mango and limestone to rich-yet-light strawberry flavours of the Luc Belaire rosé, this is a nonconformist wine range to fall in love with. Luc Belaire's versatile cuvées are wonderful as is, over ice or even in a cocktail. We're particular fans of its striking blue wine – yes, you read that right – inspired by the waters of the Côte d'Azur. Why not add it to a Bellini for an Insta-worthy beverage?

Presented in appealing bottles in colours such as solid black and opaque white, Luc Belaire wines look as good on the rack as they taste in the glass. The winemaker's rebellious spirit even extends to the silk-screened labels – no paper here. Look out for rare editions and fluorescent labels that light up at the touch of a button.

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