A pioneer in the world of at-home beauty treatments, NuFACE was founded by distinguished aesthetician Carol Cole. Having witnessed her clients' desire for non-invasive ways to address the signs of ageing, she developed the NuFACE facial toning device in 2005. The aim? To enable people to reap the benefits of microcurrent technology without the need for a clinician. The result? A small-but-mighty gadget now loved by skincare enthusiasts worldwide.

The brand's patented machine uses a low-grade electrical current to painlessly stimulate the muscles and tighten skin for an all-round rejuvenated appearance. What's more, its pocket-friendly size means it can be used from the comfort of your sofa. For targeted results, add-on attachments that work on specific concerns, such as wrinkles or smile lines, further enhance performance.

To prep your face before each treatment, it's recommended that you use a NuFACE gel primer. Available in a range of leave-on formulas, it creates a lubricating layer to allow for optimal conductivity and effectiveness. Look for gels enhanced with hyaluronic acid for added moisture, or if you're needing a brightness boost, explore natural ingredients that promote collagen production. These products also come in travel-sized containers for a spa-worthy treat when you're on the move.

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