The Tech Bar

With The Tech Bar at Selfridges, you can pick up a purchase that might just transform your day. For those who enjoy digging into the data, smart gadgets include scales to analyse your body composition. Or, look for innovative upgrades to everyday items, such as side tables that can play music, sync to your phone and even accept incoming calls.

Stay fully powered across your devices with our expansive range of charging apparatus, from plates to power banks. Then there are the home electronics – we're particular fans of products such as compact projectors for cosy movie nights on the sofa and remote-control LED lamps for adding instant ambience. To ease you through the day, we recommend some high-quality earbuds. Many come with handy noise-cancelling properties, which can be a game-changer for bustling commutes. If it's a playlist you'd rather share, check out the comprehensive range of speakers.

Aesthetics are undoubtedly as important as excellent performance, and you can expect sleek designs in monochrome colourways featured heavily across the collection. No matter whether you're opting for a massage gun or a biometric safe to store all your valuables, all these products aim to save you time compared to their analogue counterparts – making life that little bit easier.

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60/347 results
60/347 results