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When it comes to our skin, we're all looking for something that does what's promised. And with products by This Works, you can be confident that you're going to get results. Explore our collection of This Works's skin and body care products to give your wellness rituals a boost.

This Works was founded in 2003 by beauty industry veteran Kathy Phillips, with her goal to provide skin care that's suited for both day and night and tuned to our internal body clocks. The brand shot to fame after the release of its natural sleep solutions, with formulas that utilise naturally derived and scientifically backed ingredients to create targeted solutions. What's more, the company's products must work for at least 70% of its This Works Panel – a cohort of 750 women – to be approved, so you can be assured of the quality on offer.

Increase the effectiveness of your skin care and wellness routines by starting with an activity that takes around a third of your life: sleep. Pillow sprays from This Works will help you fall asleep faster, and more sleep not only means higher energy levels but better skin too. Want to up the ambience? Discover This Works candles that are blended with essential oils to help you unwind.

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21/21 results