Espresso martinis, Moscow mules, cosmopolitans – what do all these classic cocktails have in common? Vodka. Yes, that’s right, each concoction relies on the taste of the clear, distilled beverage to make it just right. With different varieties originating from various countries such as Poland, Russia and Sweden, the spirit is mainly composed of water, ethanol and, in some cases, traces of sweet and citrus flavouring. Originally made by distilling liquid from cereal grains, today, ingredients such as potatoes are used along with fruits, honey and maple sape.

Deriving from the Slavic word for “water”, traditionally, vodka was served to drink neat (aka not mixed with water, ice or any other mixers) and often served freezer chilled. As time has passed, it has become a staple that can be combined with any drink of your choice.

Explore our selection of luxury vodkas and discover all your favourite brands and tangs. For those that want to reduce their consumption of alcohol, choose from our range of Trove Botanical bottles. The label distils its mixtures to reduce units and calories without compromising taste. Or keep Mother Nature in mind and opt for Cooper King Distillery. As the first label in England to produce carbon-negative alcohol, the spirit connoisseurs offset CO2 emissions by planting a square meter of broadleaf in the UK woodland for every bottle sold. We’ll cheers to that.

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