Escentric Molecules Women's Perfume

Science underpins everything about Escentric Molecules, a fragrance brand launched in 2006 by German perfumer Geza Schön. It all began with a substance that was created in a laboratory in 1973 – Iso E Super – which doesn't exist in nature. When added to scents, this essence creates a velvety, cocooning finish; an olfactory experience that Schön describes as being "like a drug". Curious? You'll find it in the innovative formulations in our curated lineup.

The Escentric Molecules selection at Selfridges includes perfumes that have an uplifting feel, with refreshing mixes of ginger, green peppercorn and zingy grapefruit. For a spicy spritz, choose combinations brimming with juniper and pink pepper. On the hunt for a romantic scent, maybe for a special night out? Go for woody and sea-breezy aromas, or perhaps sweet patchouli. Then there are the earthy and mysterious bases from the cult fragrance label, containing hints of zesty lime, herby jasmine and heady musk. 

We have both lighter eau de toilette versions and intense eau de parfums, intended for either daytime or evening wear. Each fragrance comes in a limited-edition bottle designed to make a statement on your dressing table. The fronts and backs are decorated with contemporary lettering, playful quotes and graphics inspired by modern art.

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17/17 results