Is there such a thing as too many pillows? Not in our book. Explore our homeware collection for decadent designs from an array of coveted labels – including sleek cushion covers and plush goose down-filled pillows. Add an indulgent design to your bed and dive under the duvet.

Sweet dreams call for sumptuously soft bedding. You'll find an assortment of luxury designer pillows to create a restful atmosphere before sleep. Feather-filled textures offer extra cushioning – explore medium or firm options to find your ideal level of support. Fillings are sealed in fine quality Egyptian cotton twill and satin piping for a smooth effect beneath cases. Select your favourite and then tuck into silk pillowcases to create a cosy cocoon.

And that's not all: if you like to vary your level of support throughout the week, opt for a twin pillow design. One side is crafted from a softer pure goose down filling, while the other provides a firmer feather mix. Choose extra comfort one night, then turn over for more support the following day. Many bed pillows in our collection are part of our Project Earth initiative: look out for styles crafted with recycled polyester hollow fibre and wrapped in organic cotton.

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