Hotwheels Kids

With Hot Wheels cars, playtime just went off the rails. Our collection is brimming with immersive designs from Mattel, which has produced innovative and pioneering models since 1968. The dream began when the brand's co-founder Elliot Handler challenged his team to create a motor that performed better than anything else on the market; with that, Hot Wheels was born. 

For the ultimate gift, choose a Hot Wheels set from our selection. We've got a choice of exciting tracks to race on, from loop-the-loops to snake shapes, complete with battery-operated launchers and sleek vehicles. You'll also find roll-out raceways in our range, which unfold as needed and can be packed into a compact shape for easy storage afterwards. They include multiple lanes to encourage friendly competition between players and a clever 'fair start' mechanism to make sure there's no cheating. 

In addition, we have multipacks of cars to enhance our Hot Wheels playsets. They contain some of the company's most iconic creations, all in an exact 1:64 ratio of the real deal. Or, you could opt for one of our remote control options for extra speed, or a Monster Trucks stunt set. The choices on offer mean hours of interactive play with Hot Wheels.

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35/35 results