Hot Wheels

When a toy is as enduringly popular as Hot Wheels, you can be certain it's for a good reason. Little and big kids alike have coveted the pint-sized playthings for over 50 years, since the matchbox cars first hit the market. Scroll through our selection to find models and playsets that promise hours of fun.

Perhaps the most iconic of Hot Wheels toys, the racing car makes a thoughtful gift for the vehicle-lovers in your life (or a treat for yourself). Each model is delicately shaped and decorated to resemble some of the world's more recognisable vehicles, from sporty speedsters to dune buggies. Take a closer look, and you'll spot the brand's characteristically impressive attention to detail, seen in daintily painted fenders and miniature sponsorship slogans. For added variety, why not opt for a multipack that gives you plenty of competitors to race alongside – or against?

To bring another level of enjoyment to playtime, Hot Wheels tracks allow for endless customisation. Modular sets give you the chance to craft swirling courses or loop-the-loops – just the thing for adventurous racers. Themed packs add in characters and locations, transporting your game to the country, city or even fantasy settings complete with mythical creatures.

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36/36 results
36/36 results