Popcorn Kitchen

Our Popcorn Kitchen range is bursting with flavours ideal for any snacking opportunity. Enjoying a film on your biggest screen? Friends around to watch a game? Planning picnic delicacies? You'll find your ideal match among these novel bottle-packed treats.

This artisanal firm – founded in Surrey in 2012 – prides itself on making small-batch, high-quality products. As popcorn specialists, they know what they're doing with gourmet recipes. Expect the finest of wholegrain corn ready to pop into light and fluffy mouth-sized morsels.

Each Popcorn Kitchen bottle is packed to the brim with mouthwatering corn in exciting flavours, from classics like sea salt to innovative and experimental blends. From tongue-tingling chilli to indulgently sweet ingredient pairings – such as white chocolate and raspberry – you'll find a choice for every taste.

With a range of sizes available, you could opt for a smaller gift bottle or that generous sharing treat: a Popcorn Kitchen giant bottle. As they're so easy to toss into a tote bag, these premium snacks are just as good for picnics and outdoor events as they are for when you're snuggled up in front of the TV catching up on boxsets. What's more, some of these bottles come in a moneybox design, so you can reuse them to collect your loose change.

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