Supergoop! Beauty

Our selection of Supergoop! beauty products shines a light on the Texas-based brand's passion for revolutionising the sun cream industry. Founded in 2007 by Holly Thaggard, Supergoop! began its journey touring schools, where it distributed SPF (sun protection factor) pumps to students. Since these beginnings, the label has encouraged the incorporation of SPF into daily skin care routines, producing lightweight, cruelty-free options.

Say goodbye to the sticky and greasy sunscreens of the past and welcome Supergoop! into your life. You'll find oil-free creams enriched with antioxidants for an invisible shield from the sun – just the thing if you're heading away on holiday. Pearlescent formulas offer a fresh-faced look and rich hydration. These weightless SPFs can also be used as primers to extend the life of your make-up and prevent your foundation from settling into fine lines. 

You can also expect to see the brand's high-performance defence products in the Selfridges collection, which help block IVA, UVB, UVA and IRA rays. Infusions such as sunflower extract, Vitamin C and blue sea kale all make an appearance in these advanced formulas. Both sweat-resistant and fast-absorbing, their powerful ingredients will provide your skin with the protection it deserves. From everyday lotions to lip balms, body mists and mousses, Supergoop! keeps your epidermis safe and soothed.

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