The Selfridges Corner Shops Introduces: The Bike Shop By Smartech

22 July – 16 August 2020

Welcome to your new local bike shop by Smartech at Selfridges London, complete with brilliant, state-of-the-art E-bikes, scooters, bicycles, plus high-performance activewear and accessories. As we continue to make more sustainable choices (and attempt to avoid public transport for the time being), there’s no time like the present to get on your bike.

Scroll on to find out more about our E-bikes, cycling wear and accessories, and discover our very own Selfridges-approved bicycle route that starts and ends at our Corner Shop.

Angell E-bike: one of the world's lightest E-bikes, with smartscreen function, anti-theft alarm and three riding modes.


With Smartech's expert Rob Smith

E-bikes (aka electric bicycles) make cycling longer distances, uphill or over tricky terrain a total breeze.
Thanks to their inbuilt electric motors, these bikes pack a bit more pedal power and speed (as well as more future-facing tech functionality) than your traditional bicycle.


Great for: the style-conscious cycler

“Without compromising on comfort and performance, the MATE X is an Instagram sensation and one of my top picks for the fashion-forward customer who’s looking for a stylish way to travel around town.”


Great for: city cyclers

“The VELLO bike is all about convenience, so it’s ideal for the busy city-goer. Fast and simple to fold, this bike is ultra-lightweight and perfect for commuting!”

Available in store and coming soon to


Great for: on-the-go commuters (or anyone who lacks storage space!)

“The SMACIRCLE is brand new to the market and exclusively available to buy at The Bike Shop. With a 13-mile range, it’s ideal for city-dwellers with limited bike storage. This bike unfolds in seconds and is incredibly lightweight.”


Great for: state-of-the-art technology

“ANGELL is by far one of the most exciting E-bike brands in the world – the team have thought of everything. I love that this bike is packed full of smart features. The integrated display can guide you to where you need to go, and tell you how many calories you are burning on the way. The ANGELL app will also keep you and your bike safe with its fall and theft-detection features!”


Great for: technology heads

“With only a limited run of 500 units (with each individually numbered), SUPERSTRATA is set to be one of the most highly anticipated launches ever – you're going to want to get one before they're gone! Constructed from industrial-strength carbon fibre, the SUPERSTRATA is lighter than aluminium and five times stronger than titanium.”

Available in store and coming soon to


There couldn’t be a better time to open The Bike Shop at Selfridges. As we emerge from lockdown, we’ve seen an increased focus on health and wellness, looking after the environment, and, most importantly, safety. E-bikes speak to all these concerns, and customers can expect to find the ultimate edit of the most innovative brands of tomorrow, today.

– Rob Smith, Head of Partnerships at Smartech

Mate X E-bike: featuring 4-inch fat tyres, a powerful battery/motor combo and full suspension.


Now you’re fully equipped, time to go for a quick spin…

We’ve mapped out the best cycle route that starts and ends at Selfridges London. Take a leisurely pedal through Hyde Park (past Speakers’ Corner), speed by the Serpentine Gallery, cycle up by the canals in Little Venice, before meandering back down to Selfridges (via our Market on The Mews for a post-ride coffee, of course).

Swipe to view the route

Other ways to ride

As well as the most exciting E-bikes, we also have classic and contemporary bicycles, E-scooters, E-skates, unicycles and even an electric surfboard (if riding the waves is more your thing). Getting around is about to get a lot more fun…

All orders placed in The Corner Shop can be taken home from the space, or delivery can be arranged.
Please speak to a team member for more information.