They're sweet, they're wholesome, they're velvety to the touch – it's no wonder Sylvanian Families toys are adored around the world. Treat your child to one of our charming playsets and let them experience the unmistakable Sylvanian magic. You'll find everything they need to start constructing their own little village, full of enchanting animal figurines and their adorably detailed homes. Parents can play too, of course.

Not sure where to start? Opt for one of our dollhouse sets, which come with Sylvanian Families characters and furniture included. You'll find options ranging from cosy country cottages, complete with tiny chairs and tables, to large family houses with plenty of accessories. Either way, your little one is sure to have fun imagining new situations and adventures for their pint-sized pals. If you're looking to build on a forever-expanding collection, pick from our selection of Sylvanian Families furniture sets. They're themed around rooms of the house, so they're just right for filling those empty spaces in a growing home.

Parents of a certain age might remember Sylvanian Families from their own childhoods. Indeed, the toys have been delighting generations of children since 1985. It's a testament to their timelessness that they're still winning over young hearts today. Long may they continue.

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44/44 results