Encourage youngsters' creativity in youngsters with our colourful collection of Aquabeads. The Tokyo-based brand was founded in 2004 after a staff member at parent brand EPOCH had an epiphany. While tucking into sweets, he observed how the candies had melted and stuck to one another inside the jar, their shape reminding him of a rabbit’s ear. He and his team then invented their first Aquabeads; pieces that fuse together when you spray water over their surface, creating fun patterns and pictures without the need for ironing or stitching.

Today, these brightly coloured Aquabeads sets are found on coffee tables and children’s desks in more than 40 countries. The non-toxic pieces comply with safety standards around the world, keeping little artists safe while they experiment. As well as the original design's opaque finish, the company has since added a 'jewel' range to the selection. These have a translucent finish that allows the light to shine through – delightful for decorating windowsills and doorways.

Keep mini minds busy on a rainy day with an Aquabeads starter pack. It’s full of vibrant beads and a variety of templates for new makers to follow. Got your own ideas? No problem. The grid is suitable for freestyling too, so little imaginations can run colourfully wild.

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