Hair Oils

It’s time to leave your mane glimmering with a glass-like shine. How, you ask? With the help of a nutrient-rich hair oil, of course. And the best place to discover a formula that suits the texture of your strands is within our collection of carefully blended serums. With each iteration powered by thirst-quenching and bond-strengthening ingredients, they’re the ticket you need to achieve a Rapunzel-like sheen.

Discover overnight recovery hair serums and leave-in balms designed to rehydrate dry and brittle locks. Powered by keratin, glycerine, and a whole host of moisture-locking botanicals, the formulas within our hair oils work to deeply nourish by drawing moisture into follicles and reinforcing the cuticle, ensuring that it cannot escape.

But if your hair is already hydrated and a pick-me-up is all it requires, strengtheners and mild oils are more likely to appear on your bathroom shelf. Choose from pre-wash treatments or lightweight blends that can be brushed in before you leave the house. There are even curl enhancers and taming gels within our selection of hair oils to give you more control when you style your locks.

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60/108 results
60/108 results
ATHLETIA: Scalp & Hair oil 50ml