AAPE is the bold sister brand to A Bathing Ape, the Tokyo-born streetwear label. The 90s fashion house is attracting a new generation of followers with its unexpected inspiration and spirited takes on original designs. AAPE represents an evolution from the very first creative influences and celebrates the iconic Japanese ape-head motif, which has given casualwear impact since 1993. In this collection, expect loose-fitting shapes, plenty of standout camouflage and artistically branded tees.

Season after season, AAPE hits refresh with more playful prints, abstract graphics and intriguing details. These include the cuddly characters of Sesame Street, athletic influences and glow-in-the-dark elements. You'll spot these signature design tropes throughout the brand's range of casual cotton pieces, sporty layers and street-ready outerwear. It's this distinctive fusion of laid-back silhouettes with a tongue-in-cheek aesthetic that has made the AAPE clothing line a cult favourite.

The brand consistently incorporates the 90s style we've grown to love through its use of nostalgic imagery. AAPE by A Bathing Ape isn't afraid to evolve and take on a wider variety of influences. Fresh and irreverent branded prints align with the ever-evolving generational pull of the label, making it a front-runner in the world of relaxed clothing.

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24/24 results