Glenfarclas and heritage go hand in hand. The label is committed to creating fine quality single malt scotch whisky, so it uses only three ingredients in each batch: spring water sourced from Ben Rinnes, malted barley and yeast. Six generations of founder John Grant's family have run the distillery in the Scottish Highlands since he bought it in 1865. Over a century and a half later, Glenfarclas whisky is still composed using traditional artisan methods passed down through the years. Treasured processes include double distillation in direct-fired stills and maturation in Spanish sherry casks. The result: distinctive spirits brimming with flavours that tantalise the tastebuds.

In our range, you'll find Glenfarclas single malt scotch whisky starting at 15 years. These include ABVs favoured by the brand's founder, as well as those of cask strength. Perhaps you fancy a full-bodied dram with a butterscotch sweetness and malty taste? Or are you after a richer nip with notes of honey and oak? Whatever your preference, there are bottles to suit your tastes. Look out for limited releases celebrating Glenfarclas's rich history. Searching for a thoughtful gift for the whisky lover in your life? A miniature set allows them to go on a tasting journey and discover their new preference.

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