Kids Crafts Kits

They say creativity is the mother of invention, but it takes some inventive mums and dads to get those sparks firing in the first place. Meet our craft kits for kids – these child-friendly activity sets have been handpicked for their fun factor and learning potential. Scroll through our selection to find the best fit for your artist-in-the-making. Who knows? You might just uncover their future career right here.

Our picks change regularly, but you can expect a wide range of interests to be covered. You might see jewellery activity kits for kids who fancy themselves as the next Elsa Peretti. Or magic play sets, packed with easy-to-learn illusions for little Houdinis. Science-savvy youngsters could unlock hours of fun with a fossil excavation set, or a build-it-yourself model kit. For designers of the future? Go for a jumbo crafting kit containing a trove of beads, pipe cleaners and colourful paper. Just remember to leave space on the fridge for their creations.

Look out for the Project Earth banner as you browse our kids' craft toys. This is our stamp of approval to show a product has been created with the planet in mind – perhaps because it uses recyclable materials, or supports local manufacturing. What better lesson to teach our young ones than eco-mindedness, after all?

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60/161 results
60/161 results