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Symbolising a sense of place and loyalty, keyrings are arguably one of the most underestimated items lying around your household. While their primary function is to keep track of your belongings – from your car and house keys to purses and wallets – they were originally invented in the 19th century to don around your neck while keeping your talismans safe. Initially designed by Samuel Harrison, as a double loop metal ring, the hardware is primed to be pried open to allow your keys to pass through and slip seamlessly on the centre hoop.

Fast-forward to today, and keyrings are just as practical as they are fashionable. Coming in all shapes, sizes, designs and colours, they not only allow you to keep tabs on your valuables but add a flourishing finish to all your outfits or bags, alike.

While a range of our tech-inspired styles includes Bluetooth functions to help locate your phone, the superbrand’s seasonal drops act as collectables to cherish for years to come. What’s more, as an expression of individuality, clip yours on to create a bespoke twist to the most classic pieces. From personalised good luck charms and logo-laden designs to cuddly companions for the younger ones, our selection of men's designer keyrings acts as the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

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