Thanks to their fine quality and delicious flavours – think classic nutty praline and silky smooth caramel – Neuhaus chocolates are sure to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. Our collection of the label’s chocolates includes assortment boxes and gift options home to Neuhaus’ signature chocolate praline recipe.

Neuhaus has a long and rich history, dating back to 1857 when the chocolatier was founded by Jean Neuhaus II. Since then, Neuhaus chocolates have been enjoyed by chocolate lovers all over the world. The label’s unique production process – which involves coating each piece of chocolate with a thin layer of fondant – gives Neuhaus chocolates their distinctive smooth texture and delicate flavour.

Neuhaus chocolates make an excellent gift for any occasion, and are sure to please even the most discerning palate. Go classic with the label’s renowned Belgian praline – created in 1912 and still made in Belgium today – for a rich, nutty flavour. Crafted with freshly roasted nuts and flavoured with fruit, spices or liqueurs, they are then coated in dark, milk or white chocolate for a deliciously indulgent finish. For an ultra-smooth chocolate, look to Neuhaus sugar cream assortment boxes with a frothy chocolate mousse filling at the centre.

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17/17 results