Spain brims with native grape varieties and, with its Mediterranean climate, is well suited to producing ripe, drinkable wines. Explore its fruits for yourself with our curated selection of reds, whites and vinos rosados (that's Spanish for rosé). You'll find other Iberian tipples here too, like sherry and brandy.

We can't talk of Spanish wine without mentioning Rioja. This famed wine-growing region has gifted us with many a fruity vintage, and our sommeliers have selected a bounty of their favourites for you to sample. There are spicy blends, which pair well with steak or cured meats. You'll find young wines, too, that go beautifully with Bolognese, plus plenty of smooth reds, which need no pairing except with friends and good conversation.

Whites are also very well represented. Choose Godello grapes for a juicy aroma and long-lasting oaky undertones, or fresh and zingy Verdejo wines for warm days. For a cheese platter par excellence, you can't go wrong with anything sweet and fruit-tinged.

In the mood for something celebratory? Choose a light Spanish brandy or a deliciously complex aged sherry. Both are excellent nightcaps or after-dinner drinks as well as thoughtful gifts for distinguished palates.

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60/61 results
60/61 results
SPAIN: Bodegas Albamar Albariño 750ml
SPAIN: Asua Crianza Rioja 750ml
SPAIN: Envínate Albahra 750ml
SPAIN: Priorat 750ml
SPAIN: Reserva Rioja 2015 750ml
SPAIN: Ja! By Tinedo red wine 750ml
SPAIN: Nas del Gegant 750ml
SPAIN: Souson Tinto 750ml
SPAIN: Ariyanas Seco 750ml
SPAIN: Pasion de Bobal 750ml
SPAIN: Txacoli de Getaria Ameztoi 750ml
SPAIN: Rolly Gassmann Riesling 750ml
SPAIN: Gran Cerdo Tinto 750ml
SPAIN: Gran Cerdo Blanco 750ml
SPAIN: Partida Creus VN Tinto 750ml
SPAIN: Pazo Barrantes Albariño 750ml
SPAIN: La Bruja de Rozas 750ml
SPAIN: Tinto Pesquera MXI 750ml
SPAIN: Pícaro del Águila Tinto 750ml
SPAIN: Milú La Cometa 750ml
SPAIN: Vina Real Reserva Rioja 1500ml
SPAIN: Can Sumoi La Rosa 750ml
SPAIN: Gasper Chardonnay Rebula 750ml