The Dalmore

On the shores of Cromarty Firth sit the aged barrels of The Dalmore, which house everything from the distiller’s renowned single malt Scotch whisky to its Matusalem Oloroso sherry. With over 180 years of experience, the master distiller has honed a perfect craft that is rooted in the sanctity of the cask.

The Dalmore whiskey is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a unique spirit. The brand's signature scotch whiskeys are made from specially selected ingredients, putting it on par with the world's finest distilleries. Our collection of the label’s whiskey is home to an array of single malt, scotch and vintage varieties for a smooth sip. Whether you're looking to sip a glass by yourself or share it with friends, the distiller has the perfect whiskey for you.

The taste and quality of The Dalmore whiskeys sets them apart from other brands, with smooth notes of oak and spices. The ageing process is also unlike any other, resulting in a rich and complex flavour that can only be found in the label’s range of single malts and blends. Distinctive packaging, such as the label’s signature stag logo on its bottle, helps to make a special gift stand out even further.

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