Backless Bras

We've hand-picked our curation of women's backless bras with one thing in mind – freedom. Freedom to wear the clothes you love without first having to wonder if you've got the right lingerie to don underneath. Now you can explore our women's range with complete confidence.

Found the ideal dress for a black-tie event but worried about it staying in place? Our breast tape will keep your clothing secure to your body without compromising on how the dress hangs or you having to worry about straps or bulges. What's even better is you can use it to give you a discreet little lift to keep you looking perky.

And on that note – if there's a chill in the air, we've got breast pasties that will keep things streamlined. These self-adhesive patches sit discreetly on your skin. Look for reusable silicone options that you can wear multiple times and fit seamlessly under even the slinkiest of tops.

If going completely braless is an absolute no-go, look for other solutions such as clever plastic clips that have been designed to convert and conceal bra straps. These are ideal for when you're wearing a halter-neck style or anything with a low-cut back.

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