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Nothing starts the day off as well as a drink that's exactly right and our BODUM coffee and tea collection is here to offer just that. The Danish-Swiss coffee and tea expert has spent decades perfecting the best systems for making drinks and keeping them at the optimum temperature. If you're upgrading your kitchen equipment or looking for the ideal household gift, we've got the answer.

BODUM French press coffee makers are products of the brand's continual innovation. Developed to transform coarsely ground beans into an invigorating hot drink in less than five minutes, these brewing systems free the process from the waste of capsules and filters. What's more, they look and feel good, with minimalist clean lines and ergonomic handles. Specially designed glassware maintains liquids at just the right temperature. What better way to serve your guests (or yourself) than in attractive BODUM coffee cups?

If tea is your preference, have a look at BODUM's sleek tea press and teapot designs. Gently rounded shapes and curved handles will add grace to any table or kitchen surface. Stainless steel filter systems retain the fragrant tea leaves during the brewing process, and the clear glass walls allow you to reach the exact tea colour of your liking.

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