Celebrated for its intense flavours and precise palette of aromas, Bollinger, is one of the last independent champagne houses. Rising to popularity in the mid-20th century, Bollinger started its journey in 1829, when it blended generational craftsmanship with its family's renowned vineyard. Enjoy the complexities of each bottle with our range of the brand's best-selling pinot noir, rosé and cuvée champagne.

As family sits at the core of every concoction, Bollinger has preserved and passed down its strive for perfection for nearly two centuries. Today, the label pays homage to its roots by creating sparkling wines that have the power to infuse the aromas of fruits in every dimension. Recognised by its dense and subtle presence, it finds the perfect balance between pinot noirs' passion and the freshness of chardonnays. With over 60% of Bollinger's Montagne de Reims' vineyards planted with pinot noir, it's safe to say the family-run company is a luxury of its time.

Celebrate those special occasions by popping open a bottle of Bollinger's rosé champagne, or surprise a loved one with the signature Pinot Noir that complements zesty citrus with rich tobacco and spicy gingerbread. We'll, cheers to that.

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5/5 results