Byredo Men's Aftershaves

For men's fragrances that break the mould, look no further than our ever-popular collection of Byredo aftershave. Founded in 2006 by fine art graduate Ben Gorham, the Swedish brand is renowned for creating unisex scents that become instant modern classics. Gorham’s creative process is led by emotion and the desire to translate memories into scents, resulting in distinct perfumes. Plus, the label's instantly recognisable glass bottles – complete with sans serif logos and minimalist dome tops – make themselves known wherever they're displayed in the home.

The indie fragrance house's penchant for unisex perfumes means there's an array of options to incorporate into your morning routine. Explore a host of unexpected blends, from sharp black pepper with warm amber to spicy juniper berries alongside earthy leather accord. Add an eclectic set of Byredo men's fragrances to your revolving collection or choose a bottle to become your signature scent. Follow Goram's lead and select the fragrance that appeals to your emotions.

Whether you’re drawn to contrasting bitter and sweet notes of patchouli and opopanax, or you prefer the warm and citrusy scents of a summer-inspired spritz, you’ll find an evocative fragrance that speaks to you in our Byredo for men collection.

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