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Keep time in style with our designer fine watches, crafted by some of the most iconic names in jewellery and watchmaking, including Cartier, Chopard, Bvulgari and Longines. Adorn your wrist with one of these prestigious pieces and give a decadent finishing touch to your outfit, thanks to opulent materials and extravagant designs. 

These fine watches are built in an array of shapes, from simple and slender to those that command attention with stark angles. Choose from rubber, calfskin leather and polished stainless steel straps. Beneath their crystal glass cases, you'll see faces and bezels cut from high-performance ceramics, shimmering mother-of-pearl or glittering rose gold. Looking for the epitome of luxury? Go for items with rare diamonds, sapphires and other covetable gems, set delicately on and around dials, hands and figures.

Swiss watches are renowned globally for their impressive timekeeping accuracy, and our selections benefit from the country's famed horological expertise. Mechanisms powered by quartz crystals move with impeccable precision, and automatic winding makes their operation even more efficient. Professional-grade water resistance is also available with many of the timepieces in this collection, to suit the most extreme diving or swimming activities. If you want a designer watch that also lets you do your bit for the environment, look for our Project Earth Resellfridges label. This indicates luxury items that are pre-loved or made with recycled materials.

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Crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with meticulous attention to detail, explore the collection of iconic luxury watches as it lands at

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