L.O.L Surprise Kids

What's waiting inside that brightly coloured packaging? A new kids’ playmate from L.O.L. Surprise! – but they'll have to open it up to see it for themselves. The brand name stands for Little Outrageous Little Surprise. For its creator, Isaac Larian, the joy of unwrapping was the starting point. While watching unboxing videos online, he felt inspired to develop a range that was hidden beneath layers of wrapping. This would make each L.O.L. Surprise! doll feel like a special gift. The excitement was infectious when the toys appeared on shelves in 2016 – the initial production of half a million sold out in a matter of months.

In the collection at Selfridges, expect to see classic miniature figurines as well as clothes and accessories to build a rich world for youngsters to play in. From film stars to athletes, each is recognisable from the distinctive oversized head and enormous eyes. Backpacks, skateboards and water bottles are waiting to be uncovered by little play-makers, each given intricate detailing to bring them to life.

Treat a mini friend to L.O.L. Surprise! toys when they've been especially good, and share the glee of tearing open the package. For their next birthday, why not pick a play set with a boutique or glamper van to make the celebration even bigger?

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36/36 results