NIKE Men's Underwear & Socks

Rock a pair of men's Nike boxers or briefs under your outfit for unbeatable comfort. Our collection of the brand's underwear offers the advanced support and high-performance aesthetic that you'd expect from one of the world's leading sportswear labels.

Whether you want men's Nike underpants with a relaxed feel or more of a snug fit, our range has you covered with precision-engineered constructions and style to spare. Sometimes the best pair is the one that you don't even notice you're wearing, so you'll love the lightweight cotton jersey of the trunks – it's supple and stretchy, with a gentle texture that won't irritate your skin. Boxer shorts with a supportive pouch are ideal for active days, or you can opt for a reinforced jockstrap if you're playing rugby or cycling cross-country. 

All Nike briefs and boxers are adorned with the familiar swoosh logo on their elastic waistbands, finishing off sleek graphic prints and minimal single-colour designs with a bold statement of intent. Ethical buyers will also appreciate the label's commitment to eco-friendly practices, as many of the undies are manufactured with recycled fabrics. Just keep an eye out for our Project Earth for Nature label, to find Nike underwear that's made using processes that reduce pollution and waste.

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25/25 results